The Better Part of Valor: More, Erasmus, Colet, and Vives, on Humanism, War, and Peace, 1496-1535

書刊名 TitleThe Better Part of Valor: More, Erasmus, Colet, and Vives, on Humanism, War, and Peace, 1496-1535
作者 AuthorAdams, Robert P.
出版社 PublisherU of Washington P
出版年 Year1962
語言 LanguageEnglish
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ISBN-10: 0295737220
ISBN-13: 978-0295737225
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The author hopes that The Better Part of Valor will interest both educated readers and students of the English Renaissance—in a word, many who care for a good life. As a study of men and ideas this essay seeks to present, in its entirety, the thought of the greatest early Tudor humanists on war and peace. Life and literature are therefore presented in vigorous interaction.
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The Better Part of Valor - More, Erasmus, Colet, and Vives, on Humanism, War, and Peace, 1496-1535 *
Preface vii
Abbreviations ix
Contents xiii
Illustrations xv
Chapter One - Golden Age to Iron Peace 3
Chapter Two - the Waning of Chivalry 13
Chapter Three - Breakthrough in Criticism: John Colet and the Historical Method   21
Chapter Four - Approach to a Golden Age (1500-1509) 29
Chapter Five - a Tempest of War Bursting Upon Us (1510-14) 55
Chapter Six - the Genius of the Island: Designs for a New Social Order—Erasmus' Against War (1515) 88
Chapter Seven - the Genius of the Island— Erasmus' Christian Prince (1516) 112
Chapter Eight the Genius of the Island: the Unity of More's Utopia (1516) 122
Chapter Nine the Genius of the Island: War and Peace in Utopia (1516) 144
Chapter Ten Henry VIII "Seems Extremely Desirous of Peace" (1517-20) 158
Chapter Eleven a World Ruffled (1520-22) 186
Chapter Twelve Bright Honor and War of Extermination (1522-23) 204
Chapter Thirteen Open Manslaughter and Bold Bawdry: Romance and Tyranny 223
Chapter Fourteen Heaps of Heavy Mischiefs (1523-26) 235
Chapter Fifteen This Cruel Turk Shall Swallow Them All (1526-27) 258
Chapter Sixteen a World Fallen in a Wildness (1527-29) 269
Chapter Seventeen Concord and Discord in Mankind (1529-34) 283
Notes 305
Bibliography 337
Index 347