Sexual Culture in the Literature of Medieval Britain

書刊名 TitleSexual Culture in the Literature of Medieval Britain
作者 AuthorAmanda Hopkins, Robert Allen Rouse, Cory James Rushton (Editors)
出版社 PublisherD. S. Brewer
出版年 Year2014
語言 Language英文
(10 / 13)
ISBN 978-1 -84383-379-5
Bibliography Reference (STC, Duff, GW . . .)
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撰寫日期 Date2015.08.15

Ø 書評 Review (中英文不限 Chinese or English) 

本論文集的作者們參考中世紀英國文學中如傳奇文類、醫學和化學等文獻以探討喬叟(Geoffrey Chaucer),高爾(John Gower),但巴爾(Dunbar),馬洛里(Thomas Malory)等作家的作品如何呈現性的行為、幻想、觀念、策略等異於現代「性議題」的中世紀觀點。一般而言,中世紀性別與性研究議題常以二分法分類:傳奇裡騎士與宮廷仕女的愛情,或是厭女文化下世俗男女的交歡和性暴力。中世紀時期類似的刻板二分法模式也常用於分別「聖徒 / 罪人」、「童貞女 / 娼妓」、「女人保護者 / 女人玷污者」等對立角色。值得一提的是,本書所收錄的論文主要研究議題著重傳統二元對立分類法無法歸類的灰色地帶,深入探究中世紀時期人們對於性的行為模式與表達方式。學者們在這個範疇中發現許多中世紀時期男女對於性的看法常出現現代人難以想像及有趣的觀點,例如宮廷之愛、騎士文學的詩人如何透過筆下描述的「閨房」空間位置引發讀者無限遐想,十四世紀英國作家喬叟在《商人的故事》中是如何描寫老夫少妻的閨房之(苦)樂等議題。
Amanda Hopkins 目前任教於英國華威大學,專攻中世紀英文與古法文。Robert Allen Rouse任教於加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學,Cory James Rushton 任教於加拿大聖沙勿略大學。
1. Introduction: A Light Thrown upon Darkness: Writing about Medieval British Sexuality
2. Open Manslaughter and Bold Bawdry: Male Sexuality as a Cause of Disruption in Malory's Morte Darthur
3. Erotic (Subject) Positions in Chaucer's Merchant's Tale
4. Enter the Bedroom: Managing Space for the Erotic in Middle English Romance
5. 'Naked as a nedyll': The Eroticism of Malory's Elaine
6. 'How love and I togedre met': Gower, Amans and the Lessons of Venus in the Confessio Amantis
7. 'Bogeysliche as a boye': Performing Sexuality in William of Palerne
8. Fairy Lovers: Sexuality, Order and Narrative in Medieval Romance
9. Text as Stone: Desire, Sex and the Figurative Hermaphrodite in the Ordinal and Compound of Alchemy
10. Animality, Sexuality and the Abject in Three of Dunbar's Satirical Poems
11. The Awful Passion of Pandarus
12. Invisible Woman: Rape as a Chivalric Necessity in Medieval Romance