Debating the Middle Ages: Issues and Readings

書刊名 TitleDebating the Middle Ages: Issues and Readings
作者 AuthorBarbara Rosenwein, Lester K. Little (ed.)
出版社 PublisherBlackwell
出版年 Year1998, 2004 (reprint)
語言 Language英文
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撰寫日期 Date2016. 08.30

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   本書主要分為四個主題:「The Fate of Rome's Western Provinces」主題挑戰論證關於「羅馬帝國衰亡」此傳統觀點;「Feudalism and Its Alternatives」探討「封建制度」一詞流變的歷史意義;「Gender」討論晚近二十年中世紀歷史領域的性別研究議題。「Religion and Society」探討歷史學家以新的方法論探究宗教教義、奇蹟信仰等宗教議題與社會變遷。
Editors' Acknowledgments.
Acknowledgements of Sources.
A Note on Format.
List of Abbreviations.
Part I: The Fate of Rome's Western Provinces:
1 Conceptions of Ethnicity in Early Medieval Studies: Walter Pohl.
2. The Barbarians in Late Antiquity and How They Were Accommodated in the West: Walter Goffart.
3. The Fall of Rome will not Take Place: Chris Wickham.
4. Richard Hodges and David Whitehouse, The Decline of the Western Empire: Richard Hodges and David Whitehouse.
5. Gregory of Tours and Clovis: Ian N. Wood.
6. Missionaries and Magic in Dark-Age Europe: Alexander Murray.
Part II: Feudalism and Its Alternatives:
7. The Banal Seigneurie and the "Reconditioning" of the Free Peasantry: Pierre Bonnassie.
8. The Year 1000 without Abrupt or Radical Transformation: Domnique Barthelemy.
9. The Tyranny of a Construct: Feudalism and Historians of Medieval Europe: Elizabeth A. R. Brown.
10. Giving Each his Due: Frederic L. Cheyette.
11. Strangers and Neighbours: Monique Bourin and Robert Durand.
12. Amicitiae [Friendships] as Relationships between States and People: Gerd Althoff.
Part III: Gender:
13. Queens as Jezebels: the careers of Brunhild and Balthild in Merovingian History: J. L. Nelson.
14. Women and the Norman Conquest: Pauline Stafford.
15. The "Cruel Mother": Maternity, Widowhood, and Dowry in Florence in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries: Christine Klapisch-Zuber.
16. Men's Use of Female Symbols: Caroline Walker Bynum.
17. Burdens of Matrimony: Husbanding and Gender in Medieval Italy: Susan Mosher Stuard.
Part IV: Religion and Society:
18. The Evangelical Awakening: Marie-Dominique Chenu.
19. The Use and Abuse of Miracles in Early Medieval Culture: Sofia Boesch Gajano.
20. The Dead in the Celestial Book-Keeping of the Cluniac Monks around the Year 1000: Dominiques Iogna-Prat.
21. Literacy and the Making of Heresy, c. 1000-c. 1150: Robert I. Moore.
22. Folklore and Society in the Medieval West: Jean-Claude Schmitt.
Index of Persons and Places.
Barbara H. Rosenwein目前任教於美國羅耀拉大學歷史系,曾編輯 Negotiating Space: Early Medieval Immunities and Other Entry Prohibitions (1999), Anger’s Past: The Social Uses of an Emotion in the Middle Ages (1998) 等書。 其關於情感的歷史之著作如“Worrying about Emotions in History,” American Historical Review (2002), “Problems and Methods in the History of Emotions,” Passions in Context: Journal of the History and Philosophy of the Emotions 1/1 (2010), online at <>, and Emotional Communities in the Early Middle Ages (Cornell University, 2006) and Generations of Feeling: A History of Emotions 600-1700 (2016) 等書,為情感歷史領域重要的先驅。
Lester K. Little is Dwight W. Morrow Professor of History at Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. He previously taught at Princeton University and the University of Chicago. His most recent publication is Benedictine Maledictions: Liturgical Cursing in Romanesque France (1993).