Crying in the Middle Ages: Tears of History

書刊名 TitleCrying in the Middle Ages: Tears of History
作者 AuthorEdited by Elina Gertsman
出版社 PublisherRoutledge
出版年 Year2012
語言 Language英文
(10 / 13)
978-0-415-88985-8 (hbk)
978-0-415-80775-0 (ebk)
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撰寫日期 Date2015.2.17

Ø 書評 Review (中英文不限 Chinese or English) 

中世紀時期眼淚的形式無論是聖者的眼淚、凡人的眼淚、公共領域眾目睽睽下的眼淚、私底下無人看見的眼淚、儀式化的眼淚,或是情不自禁流露的眼淚,都在在呈現出獨特的中世紀時期視覺藝術、 語言認知、 社會習俗、和儀式化的肢體表演。Crying in the Middle Ages這本書探討中世紀時期猶太教、基督教和伊斯蘭文獻裡關於眼淚的論述,提供有興趣的學者探索這個時期人們對於觸動哭泣的情感、手勢和感官體驗在不同文化面相下的公領域與私領域的行為表現。
    Elina Gertsman彙集一系列關於中世紀哭泣的研究報告,結集成書;每篇論文與其他收錄的論文緊密結合,在這個議題的學理基礎上相呼輝映,彼此對話之外,同時藉此凸顯中世紀前期、中期到晚期的文獻中關於哭泣本質的爭議性。其中包括眼淚應該是如何被看到、 聽到、 理解、表達、和傳播。這本書不僅提供中世紀時期視覺藝術和文學論述豐富有力的例證,更強調吾人從事中世紀時期哭泣這項情感表達的研究時,在研究方法上結合語言修辭、圖像解讀與文化認知的必要性,因為如此方能幫助後學理解中世紀時期人們對哭泣所持有的複雜概念。
編者Elina Gertsman現任教於Case Western Reserve University 藝術系,專攻中世紀藝術。 著作包括The Dance of Death in the Middle Ages: Image, Text, Performance (2010),主編Visualizing Medieval Performance: Perspectives, Histories, Contexts (2008) and Crying in the Middle Ages: Tears of History (2011),及Thresholds of Medieval Visual Culture: Liminal Spaces (2012)。

"Going They Went and Wept": Tears in Medieval Discourse, Elina Gertsman
Prolegomenon: Considerations of Weeping and Sincerity in the Middle Ages, Lyn A. Blanchfield
Part 1: Tears and Image
1. Women Mourners in Byzantine Art, Literature, and Society, Henry Maguire
2. The Eve Fragment from Autun and the Emotionalism of Pilgrimage, Marian
3. Weeping Women: Social Roles and Images in Fourteenth-Century Tuscany, Judith
4. The Paradoxical Rhetoric of Tears: Looking at the Madrid Descent From the  
    Cross, Felix Thürlemann
Part 2: Tears and Religious Experience
5. A Penitent Prepares: Affect, Contrition, and Tears, Christopher Swift
6. "He Cried and Made Others Cry": Crying as a Sign of Pietistic Authenticity or
    Deception in Medieval Islamic Preaching, Linda G. Jones
7. Si Puose Calcina A’ Propi Occhi: The Importance of the Gift of Tears for Thirteenth-Century Religious Women and Their Hagiographers, Kimberley-Joy Knight
8. Weeping as Discourse between Heaven and Earth: The Transformative Power of Tears in Medieval Jewish Literature, Rachel S. Mikva
Part 3: Tears And Narrative
9. The Shedding of Tears in Late Anglo-Saxon England, Tracey-Anne Cooper
10. Tears and Trial: Weeping as Forensic Evidence in Piers Plowman, Katherine K. O’Sullivan
11. A Sorrowful Song: On Tears in Chrétien De Troyes’s Philomena, Irit Ruth Kleiman
12. Crying in Public and in Private: Tears and Crying in Medieval German Literature, Albrecht Classen
Transmitting Despair by Manuscript and Print, Barbara H. Rosenwein