Making Colour

主題 Topic Making Colour
代表作品 Title英國國家肖像畫廊與Warburg Institute中的所有館藏
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A.   簡介 Introduction (within 500 words, Chinese or English) 

倫敦以古典研究著名的The Warburg Institute與英國國家肖像畫廊(National Gallery London)在2014年6月26日共同舉辦以「創造顏色」(“Making Colour”)為主題之國際研討會,籌劃人為世界頂尖之研究人員Caroline Campbell (National Gallery) 與Peter Mack (Warburg Institute),此跨領於之研討會之研究內容涵蓋人與物品、城邦與城邦、國與國之間的贈與關係,特別是書以外之藝術品,比如說婚喪喜慶中的贈禮、嫁妝;政治聯姻中所贈與之物品;敵友間的禮尚往來等交流中所呈現出的藝術色彩與肖像生產,這些藝術品是許多儀式和慶典的重要獻禮,其工法之精雕細琢自然是眾所矚目之焦點,其政治意涵、社會文化隱喻自然是以「色」表意,寓意甚深,這個主題無論是藝術史研究人員、文史學者、甚至是戲劇學者與哲學學者均有相當大的發揮空間。
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This colloquium is being organised by the Warburg Institute and the National Gallery in conjunction with the exhibition on “Making Colour” at the National Gallery and will include an early morning viewing of the exhibition from 9.00 to 10.00 a.m. This panel seeks to enrich the discussion of women and their relationships with their objects that, in the area of non-book arts, remains relatively unexplored. Luscious objects were gifts that traveled lesser and greater distances, some imported in brides’ nuptial coffers and many more commissioned and used to unite women separated by their politically advantageous marriages. Sisters and mothers, grandmothers and aunts, daughters and cousins, as well as friends and allies, all exchanged works of art with shared stories and iconographies. These pieces were the tokens that served as tribute, the centerpieces of rituals and ceremonies, the precious keepsakes enjoyed in intimate places, and the markers of architectural spaces often also founded or endowed by these women.

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