The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation

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書刊名 TitleThe Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffics and Discoveries of the English Nation
作者 AuthorRichard Hakluyt
出版社 PublisherImprinted at London :By George Bishop and Ralph Newberie, deputies to Christopher Barker, printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie,1589.
出版年 Year1589
語言 LanguageEnglish
裝訂 Binding■ 平裝 Paperback    □精裝 Hardcover
頁數 Pages16 Volumes
(10 / 13)
1108071295 / 978-1108071291
Bibliography ReferenceSTC (2nd ed.) / 12625 (STC, Duff, GW . . .)
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撰寫日期 DateAug 15, 2014

A.   簡介 Introduction (within 100 words, Chinese or English)

理察·黑克盧伊特(Richard Hakluyt 1552-1616牛津人)是文藝復興大航海時期英國航海家和探險家。黑克盧伊特在早期對遠方的探險故事十分著迷,因此後來成為一位孜孜不倦的編輯,並翻譯許多地理叢書。他最著名代表作《英國主要的航海、航道、交通與地理發現》(The Principal Navigations, Voiages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation 1589)是部重量級的敘述地理,共十六大冊,該書以實證航行與專門知識所撰寫而成,記錄英格蘭在1570-80年代的海外拓展、英國與世界的海洋網絡。這本書是研究文藝復興之政經史或是旅遊文學者必讀之書。

B.   文本摘錄 Extracts (4-6 Pages)

      A preface to the reader as touching the principal voyages
Having for the benefit and honor of my country zealously bestowed so many years, so much travail and cost to bring antiquities smothered and buried in dark silence to light, and to preserve certain memorable exploits of late years by our English nation achieved, from the greedy and devouring jaws of oblivion: to gather likewise, and as it were to incorporate into one body the torn and scattered limbs of our ancient and late navigations by sea, our voyages by land and traffics of merchandise by both: I do this second time (friendly reader) presume to offer unto thy view this discourse . . .
    Be it granted that the renowned Portugal, Vasco da Gama, traversed the main ocean southward of Africa. Did not Richard Chancellor and his mates perform the like, northward of Europe? Suppose that Columbus, that noble and high-spirited Genoese, escried unknown lands to the westward of Europe and Africa: did not the valiant English knight Sir Hugh Willoughby; did not the famous pilots Stephen Burrough, Arthur Pet, and Charles Jackman accost Novaya Zemlya to the north of Europe and Asia? Howbeit you will say perhaps, not with the like golden success, not with such deductions of colonies, nor attaining of conquests. True it is that our success hath not been correspondent unto theirs: yet in this our attempt the uncertainty of finding was far greater, and the difficulty and danger of searching was no whit less . . .
     To return to our voyages performed within the bounds of Russia, neither hath our nation been contented only thoroughly to search into all parts, but also to visit Kazan and Astrakhan. They have adventured their persons, ships and goods, homewards and outwards, fourteen times over the unknown and dangerous Caspian sea; that valiant wise and personable gentleman Mr. Anthony Jenkinson being their first leader.
     But that no man should imagine that our foreign trades of merchandise have been comprised within some few y ears there may he plainly see in an ancient testimony translated out of the Saxon tongue, how our merchant were often wont for traffic’s sake, so many hundred years since to cross the wide seas.