The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle – Illustrated and Annotated (History Form Primary Sources)

主題 Topic English Chronicle
書刊名 TitleThe Anglo-Saxon Chronicle – Illustrated and Annotated
(History Form Primary Sources)
作者 AuthorBob Carruthers (Editor)
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出版年 Year2012
語言 LanguageOld English
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A.   簡介 Introduction (within 100 words, Chinese or English)

《盎格魯.薩克遜編年史》(The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles)是一部收錄大不列顛島上早期盎格魯.薩克遜族群歷史事件的古英文編年史,最早的手抄本寫成於西元九世紀盎格魯.薩克遜國王阿佛列大帝(Alfred the Great)統治時期。之後,大不列顛島上許多修道院始抄寫謄製這部編年史的原始稿,眾多複寫後的手抄本流傳於修道院間,並開始獨立發展內容分別記載不同的歷史事件,使得《盎格魯.薩克遜編年史》至西元十一世紀時期依然是部不斷更新的史記,記錄當時每一年發生之歷史事件。現今殘存之複寫手抄本仍有九部,分別為:
1. The Parker Chronicle (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS. 173)
2. Cottonian Fragment (British Museum, Cotton MS. Otho B xi, 2)
3. The Abingdon Chronicle I (British Museum, Cotton MS. Tiberius 
4. The Abingdon Chronicle II (British Museum, Cotton MS. Tiberius 
5. The Worcester Chronicle (British Museum, Cotton MS.Tiberius B 
6. The Laud (or "Peterborough") Chronicle (Bodleian, MS.Laud 636)
7. The Bilingual Canterbury Epitome (British Museum, Cotton MS. Domitian A viii.)
8. Cottonian Fragment (British Museum, Cotton MS. Domitian A ix.)
9. An Easter Table Chronicle (British Museum, Cotton MS.Caligula 

B.   文本摘錄 Extracts (4-6 Pages)

Anno 449.  Her Martianus and Valentinus onfengon rice, and ricsodon seofon winter.  And on hiera dagum Hengest and Horsa, fram Wyrtgeorne gelaþode, Bretta cyninge, gesohton Bretene on þæm stede þe is genemned Ypwines-fleot, ærest Brettum to fultume, ac hie eft on hie fuhton.  Se cyning het hie feohtan ongean Peohtas; and hie swa dydon, and sige hæfdon swa hwær swa hie comon.  Hie þasendon to Angle, and heton him sendan maran fultum. Þa sendon hie him maran fultum. þa comon þa menn of þrim mægþum Germanie: of Ealdseaxum, of Englum, of Iotum.

Anno 455.  Her Hengest and Horsa fuhton wiþ Wyrtgeorne þæm cyninge in þære stowe þe is genemned Æglesþrep; and his broþor Horsan man ofslog.  And æfter þæm Hengest feng to rice, and Æsc his sunu.

Anno 457.  Her Hengest and Æsc fuhton wiþ Brettas in þære stowe þe is genemned Crecganford, and þær ofslogon feower þusend wera. þa forleton þa Brettas Centland, and mid micle ege flugon to Lundenbyrig.
Anno 449.  In this year [lit here] Martianus and Valentinus succeeded to [lit received] kingship, and ruled seven years.  And in their days Hengest and Horsa, invited by Vortigern, king of [the] Britons, came to Britain at the place which is called Ebbsfleet, first as a help to [the] Britons, but they afterwards fought against them.  The king commanded them to fight against [the] Picts; and they did so, and had victory wherever they came.  Then they sent to Angeln, and told them to send more help.  They then sent to them more help.  Then the men came from three tribes in Germany: from [the] Old Saxons, from [the] Angles, from [the] Jutes.
455.  In this year Hengest and Horsa fought against Vortigern the king in the place which is called Aylesford; and his brother Horsa was slain [lit one slew his brother Horsa].  And after that Hengest and Æsc his son succeeded to kingship [lit Hengest succeeded to kingship, and Æsc his son].

457.  In this year Hengest and Æsc fought against [the] Britons in the place which is called Crayford, and there slew four thousand men [lit of men].  The Britons then abandoned Kent, and with great fear fled to London.