主題 Topic Sophonisba
書刊名 TitleThe Tragedie of Sophonisba
作者 AuthorJohn Marston
出版社 PublisherLondon: Printed for John
出版年 Year1606
語言 LanguageEnglish
裝訂 Binding□ 平裝 Paperback    □ 精裝 Hardcover
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撰寫日期 DateJuly 2014

A.   簡介 Introduction (within 100 words, Chinese or English) 

歷史上的蘇浮妮絲芭(Sophonisba)是西元前二世紀的迦太基貴族,曾和努彌底亞(Numedians) 的麥西尼撒(Massanissa)國王訂親。努彌底亞是一個古羅馬時期北非的柏柏爾人王國,在羅馬強權威脅下與羅馬結盟。原與羅馬結盟的西努彌底亞(Western Numidians),和羅馬交誼生變,反和迦太基成為盟邦。蘇浮妮絲芭的父親是一名武將,為政治考量,將其嫁給西努彌底亞國王。麥西尼撒為統一努彌底亞,將西努彌底亞國王擊敗,並娶蘇浮妮絲芭為妻,不過來自羅馬的政治壓力,使得麥西尼撒打消護衛迦太基和蘇浮妮絲芭的念頭。為不讓蘇浮妮絲芭落入羅馬人之手,反要求蘇浮妮絲芭以死明志,蘇浮妮絲芭遂飲毒身亡。蘇浮妮絲芭的故事是八O年代比較文學裡影響研究領域的重要資料來源。後世作品如馬爾斯頓(John Marston)、那森尼爾.李(Nathaniel Lee)、福勞泰爾(Voltaire)等所改編。

B.   文本摘錄 Extracts (From C3)

Car. O I, in Poetry or Tragique scene.
Gel. I fear Gods only know what Poets mean; 
Car. Yet hear me : I will speak close truth and 
Nothing in Nature is unservisable, ( cease, 
No,not even Inntility, 
Is then for nought dishonesty in beeing, 
And if it be sometimes of forced use ,
Wherein more urgent then in sawing nations 
State shapes are soderd up, with base, nay faulty 
Yet necessary functions; some must lie, 
Some must betray, some murder, and some all,
Each hath strong use, as poison in all purges 
Yet when some violent chance shall force a state. 
To break given faith, or plot some stratagems,. 
Princess ascribe that vile necessity 
Unto Heavens wrath : and sure tho’ t be no vice; 
Yet t’is bad chance : (states must not stick to nice 
For Massanissa death sense bids forgive 
Beware to offend great men and let them live 
For tis of empires body the mayne arme, 
He that will do no good shall does no harme: You have my mind: 
Gel: Although a stage like passion and weak heat
Full of an empty wording might sute age 
Know Ile speak strongly truth: Lords nears
That he who’le not betray a private man (Mistrust
For his country, will near betray his country 
For private men; then give Gelosso faith 
If treachery in state be serviceable, 
Let hangmen do it : I am bound to loose 
My life but not my honour for my country  
Our vow, our faith, our oath, why th'are ourselves,
And he that’s faithless to his proper self. 
May be excused if he breaks faith with princes: 
The Gods assist just hearts, & states that trust. 
Plots before Providence are tossed like dust. 
For Massanissa: (O let me slake a little 
Austere discourse and cell Humanitie) 
Me thinks 1 hear him cry. O fight for Carthage,
Charge home, wounds smart not, for that so just so 
So good a Citty: me thinks I fee him yet (great 
Leave his faire bride even on his nuptial night 
To buckle on his arms for Carthage: Harkc- 
Yet, yet, 1 hear him cry— Ingratitude
Vile stain of man. O over be most far 
From Massinissa breast; up, march amain. 
Fame got with loss of breath, is godlike gain. 
And see by this he bleeds in doubtfull fight: 
And cries for Carthage, whilst Carthage--Memory
Forsake Celosso, would I could not think : 
Nor hear, nor bee. When Carthage is 
So infinitely vile : see see look here,