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Poster:Post date:2016-09-18
  Program 會議議程表
October 21, 2016 (Friday)
Registration at the Wu Yu Building
Opening Ceremony
President Yuan-Kuang Guu (Professor, National Pingtung University)
 主題演講 Keynote (I)
Patrick J. Geary (Professor of History, Institute for Advanced Study)
Barbarians and Romans: Friends, Foes, and Companions 
Moderator: Francis K. H. So 
(Chair Professor, The Center for Languages and Culture, Kaohsiung Medical University)
Group Photo & Tea Break
1A. The 3rd conference room 1B. The 4rd conference room
Interfaith Friendship
Moderator: Chih-Hsin Lin 林質心 (Associate Professor,
Department of English, National Chengchi University)
Cross-Cultural Encounters 
Moderator: Carolyn F. Scott 石苓 (Associate Professor,
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University)
1) Wen-Chung Hwang 黃文忠 (Professor Emeritus, National
Chung Hsing University)
St. John of the Cross and the Heart Sutra: An Interfaith Encounter
1)Ignacio Ramos Riera (Researcher and Instructor, The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies )
“Trans-gressive Images”: Reflections on the Impact of Jerónimo Nadal´s Imagines Historiae Evangelicae in Late Ming dynasty
2) Hsin-Yi Hsieh 謝心怡 (Assistant Professor, National Chung
Hsin University)
Love and Friendship: Dialogues between Christianity and Paganism in John Lyly’s Works
2) David Gordon 金大衛 (Assistant Professor, National Pingtung
Early Encounters between East and West: Buddhism and Transcendentalism via Europe
3)Naoki Kamimura (Research Fellow, Tokyo Gakugei University)
Augustine on Friendship: Some Remarks on the Letters with Christian and Pagan Intellectuals
3)Jia-Syuan Gao 高家萱 (PhD student, National Chengchi University)
When Erasmus’ Catholic Cosmos meets Fiorenza’ Kyriarchal Discourse
 主題演講 Keynote (II)
Donald Beecher (Professor of English, Carleton University)
On the Psychology of Friendship from Valerius Maximus to Shakespeare 
Moderator: Nicholas Koss 
(Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Graduate Institute of Comparative Literature, Fu Jen Catholic University;Institute for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Peking University, China)
2A. The 3rd conference room 2B. The 4rd conference room
Loyalty and Betrayal 
Moderator: Chi-fang Li 李祁芳 (Associate Professor,
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University)
Friendship or Enmity
Moderator: Francis K. H. So  蘇其康 (Chair Professor, The
Center for Languages and Culture, Kaohsiung Medical University)
1) Carolyn F. Scott 石苓 (Associate Professor, National Cheng
Kung University)
Friends or Foes?: Encounters in Othello
1) Hong Shen 沈弘 (Professor, Zhejiang University)
On the Encounter of Satan and Christ in John Milton’s Paradise Lost
2) Simon White 白思明 (Associate Professor, Wenzao
Ursuline University of Languages)
Loyalty and Venality as Alternative Bases of Friendships and Allegiances in Tobias Smollett’s Eighteenth-Century Literary Underworlds
2)Shih-Cong Fan Chiang (PhD, King's College London)
Friends or Foes? The Roman army at the Empire’s frontier regions during the sixth-century Persian wars and its relations with local society
3) Ichiro Taida 泰田伊知朗 (Associate Professor, I-Shou
The encounter of Aphrodite and Anchises: focusing on his greeting
3)Dongill Lee (Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) The Identification of Monsters in Beowulf: Foes or Symbol of Evil?
Tea Break
3A. The 3rd conference room 3B. The 4rd conference room
Hostile Encounter in Nature 
Moderator: Brian Reynolds 余哲安 (Assistant Professor,
Department of Italian Language and Culture, Fu Jen University)
Friendship in Philosophy
Moderator: Hsueh-Chen Liu 劉雪珍 (Associate Professor, Department of English Languages and Literature;Chair, English
Department, Evening Division, Fu Jen University)
1)Jonathan Locke Hart (Chair Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Friend and Foe: Sympathy and Alienation in the Natural and Human Worlds in Marlowe, Shakespeare and Their Contemporaries
1)James Zainaldin (PhD candidate, Harvard Department of the Classics)
Philosophical and Non-Philosophical Concepts of Friendship in Ancient Greece
2)Petros Dovolis 裴卓仕 (Assistant Professor, National
Changhua University of Education)
Tense Encounters at the Garden’s Edge: The Winter’s Tale and the Question of ‘Bastardized’ Nature
2) Anthony Wesolowski (Associate Professor, Fu Jen University) Friendship as Viewed by Aristotle and Cicero: Similarities among the Greeks and Romans
3)Simon C. Estok (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University) Writing the frenemy: Macbeth’s witches and storms on stage and screen
3) Marina Bazzani (Lector in Greek and Latin, University of Oxford)
Friendship, Homage and Patronage: Depictions of friendship in the poems of Manuel Philes
Dinner Banquet

October 22, 2016 (Saturday)
Registration at the Wu Yu Building
 主題演講 Keynote (III)
Simon Forde (Director and Managing Editor of Medieval Institute Publications)
Global Collaborative Possibilities in Research and Publishing 
Moderator: I-Chun Wang 
(Professor / Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University/President, Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
Tea Break
4A. The 3rd conference room 4B. The 4rd conference room
Friendship in Medieval Literature 
Moderator: Denise Ming-Yueh Wang 王明月 (Professor,
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Chung Cheng University)
Spiritual Friendship
Moderator: Huei-Rong Peng 彭輝榮 (Dean, College of Arts,
National Changhua University of Education)
1)Anne Scott (Honorary Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia)
Conflict and reconciliation through word and performance in
Piers Plowman
1)Wen-Chin Li 李文進 (Assistant Professor, Xiamen University)
From Friendship to Spiritual Perfection: An Analysis of Petrarch’s Travel to Mount Ventoux (Rerum Familiarum libri IV, 3)
2)Ya-Shih Liu 劉雅詩 (Assistant Professor, National Taiwan
The Friendship and Encounters in the Squire’s Tale
2) Lu Jiang 江璐 (Lecturer, Sun Yat-sen University)
Friendship Beyond the Boundaries of Life and Death: A Study of Aelred of Rievaulx’De Anima and DeSpirituali Amicitia
3) Hsing-Wen Tsai 蔡幸紋 (Ph.D. student, National Chung
Cheng University)
Criseyde’s “Loue of Frendshipe” in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde
3)Brian K. Reynolds 余哲安 (Assistant Professor, Fu Jen University)
"Look over here! I am, I truly am Beatrice" Purg. 30.73: Friendship, Love and Sponsality in Dante's Encounter with His Beloved
(TACMRS Annual Meeting, The 3rd Lab, Wu Yu Building, 5F 五育樓視聽教室(三) )
5A. The 3rd conference room 5B. The 4rd conference room
Friendship in Shakespeare
Moderator: Ju-Ping Kuo 郭如蘋 (Assistant Professor, General
Education Center, Ming Chi University of Technology)
Thinking Animals vs. Bestialized Humans 
Moderator: I-Chun Wang 王儀君 (Dean, College of Humanities
and Social Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University ; President, Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
1) Shu-Hua Chung 鍾淑華 (Assistant Professor, Tung Fang
Design Institute)
Magic in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
1)Izumi SEKIZAWA (Associate Professor, Higashi Nippon International University)
Philosophical Animals in the Middle Ages
2) Margaret Kim 金守民 (Associate Professor, National Tsing
Hua University)
Between Prince Hal and Falstaff: Friendship in Shakespeare’s
Henry IV Part 1
2)Cheng-Yu Yen 顏正裕 (PhD Candidate, National Sun Yat-sen
Bestialized Knights in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
3) I-Fan Ho 何一梵 (Assistant Professor, Taipei National
University of t e Arts)
Memory and the Invisible Presence: the Encounter between Two Monarchs in Measure for Measure
3)Wells Hansen (Associate Professor, National Taiwan University ; Director, Antiquitas Formosa )
The Real Earth Mother: Lucretius and Epicurean Environmentalism
Tea Break
6A. The 3rd conference room 6B. The 4rd conference room
Encountering the Other 
Moderator: Juo-Yung Lee 李若庸 (Associate Professor,
Department of History, National Taipei University)
Friendship in Professions
Moderator: Ya-Shih Liu 劉雅詩 (Assistant Professor, Department
of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University)
1) Matthew Shelton (PhD Student, University of St Andrews) Socrates’ opponents in Xenophon’s Memorabilia
1) Sheng-Yen Lu (PhD student, The Institute of Historical Research, University of London)
Masters as fathers – the experiences of apprenticeship in late medieval England
2) Krzysztof Bielawski (Associate Professor, Jagiellonian University)
Friendship in Delphi.
Friends, Enemies and Companions in the Delphic Sentences.
2) Katherine van Schaik (MD PhD Candidate, Harvard Department of the Classics, Harvard Medical School )
Serving, Cooperating, and Combating: Encounters among doctors, patients, and diseases in the world of the Hippocratic Corpus
Closing Ceremony 
I-Chun Wang 王儀君
(Professor / Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University/President, Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
The 3rd conference room
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