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《Book Review》Erasmus, Utopia, and the Jesuits: Essays on the Outreach of Humanism

Poster:Post date:2017-02-28
Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies
Book Review
書刊名 Title Erasmus, Utopia, and the Jesuits: Essays on the Outreach of Humanism
作者 Author
Olin, John C. 
出版社 Publisher Fordham UP, 2nd ed.
出版年 Year 1994
語言 Language English
ISBN (10 / 13)
ISBN-13: 978-0823216017
ISBN-10: 0823216012
Bibliography Reference
(STC, Duff, GW . . .)
來源網址 Web Link http://b431510.booqster.com/
評論者 郭如蘋、洪沛茵
Review Date
Dec. 16, 2016
Ø 書評 Review (中英文不限 Chinese or English)
[Original description]
Olin's focus in this collection of essays is the historical period of the early sixteenth century, the juncture of the Renaissance and the Reformation. Providing an in-depth alternative to the standard treatment - so often limited to the classical revival - this work concerns itself with the unique link between humanism and the great literary works of the period, and, in particular, the patristic scholarship inherent in Erasmus' ideals of reform. Olin specifically take into account the movements of New Learning and Humanism defining the cultural break between Medieval scholasticism and the renaissance of interest in the literature of antiquity.
List of Illustrations
1. Erasmus and Saint Jerome: The Close Bond and Its Significance
2. Erasmus and His Edition of Saint Hilary      
3. Erasmus and Aldus Manutius
4. Erasmus' Adagia and More's Utopia      
5. More, Montaigne, and Matthew Arnold: Thoughts on the Utopian Vision  
6. The Jesuits, Humanism, and History     

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