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《研究議題》「分裂的」王國:中世紀英倫三島差異的理論 A 'Divided' Kingdom: Poetics of Difference in the Medieval British Isles

Findings and Approaches
Poster:Post date:2016-11-26
Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies
Findings and Approaches
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A 'Divided' Kingdom: Poetics of Difference in the Medieval British Isles
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出版年 Year 2017
語言 Language English
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 (STC, Duff, GW . . .)
來源網址 Web Link http://www.medievalmakarssociety.org/cfps
撰稿者 Writer 郭如蘋
撰寫日期 Date Oct. 29, 2016
A. 簡介 Introduction (within 500 words, Chinese or English)
[Original CFP]
In studying the work of the medieval Scottish makars, the consideration of the relationship between Scotland and England is a crucial part of establishing a distinctly Scottish expression of nationhood.
Though there is much to discuss regarding the tensions that arise between these two countries in particular, this panel aims to explore the notion of difference within the British Isles on a broader scale, encouraging the study of resistance to the English literary hegemony, as articulated by voices of other bordering nations.
In addressing this critical lacuna, submissions would be encouraged to include, but not be limited to Welsh, Irish, Breton, Manx and further Celtic expressions of identity in the medieval period. Drawing together notions of nationhood, self-determination and common cultural heritage through opposition, this panel would allow critical focus to pull away from the notion of a specifically English medieval era and towards a sense of community between distinctive surrounding nations.
B. 延伸閱讀 Extended Reading 

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