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Poster:Post date:2015-07-19
Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies
Findings and Approaches

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Centres of Diplomacy, Centres of Culture: The Habsburg and Papal Courts c.1450 to c.1630
代表作品 Title The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
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出版年 Year 21-22 Sep. 2015
語言 Language 英文
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 (STC, Duff, GW . . .)
來源網址 Web Link http://www.torch.ox.ac.uk/centres-diplomacy-centres-culture-i
撰稿者 Writer 李祁芳、林柏豪
撰寫日期 Date 30 June 2015
A.   簡介 Introduction (within 500 words, Chinese or English)
外交研究近來逐漸將焦點轉向外交慣例之深層文化以及社會觀點,並且強調個體在國際間交流的代表性。儘管如此,仍有許多學者會深入研究國家外交使節團範圍內的外交表現,或者關注雙邊關係中的某方。相反地,本會議將聚焦於由哈布斯堡與教宗等不同政體所派遣之外交成員,研究在近代早期宮廷這個重要年代,外交如何促進文化交流之方法,以瞭解近代早期統治者所參與外交活動之型態與範圍之發展。本場研討會之提問為: (1)外交官如何從他者宮廷習得外交慣例之規範?(2)外交官所代表之宮廷從他國如何學習開展長期的外交合作關係關係?(3)外交官在行使本國之文化標準時如何影響外國政治文化?(4)這樣的交互影響,如思想交流、文物交流、與出版交流對於外交文化產生何種衝擊? (5)獨特的外交文化在近代早期的宮廷發展到何種程度?
B.     [Original CFP]
Diplomatic studies increasingly focus on the cultural and social aspects of diplomatic practice and stress the agency of individuals within international relations. Despite this, many scholars often still investigate within the parameters of national diplomatic corps or explore one end of a bilateral relationship. In contrast, this conference will focus on the cohorts of diplomats sent by different polities to the Habsburgs and Popes to explore the ways in which diplomacy fostered cultural exchange (defined broadly) at early modern courts in this crucial period for the development of the type and scope of diplomatic activity with which early modern rulers engaged. It will ask how did diplomats learn the rules of diplomatic practice from one another and their host court? To what extent did their host court learn about how to conduct longer-term diplomacy from them? How did diplomats’ enacting of their own cultural norms influence the foreign political culture in which they operated? What impact did this and the diplomatic exchange of ideas, material goods, and books have on diplomatic culture? To what extent did distinct diplomatic cultures develop at early modern courts?
This event aims to bring early career scholars working on such questions from different disciplinary angles (including, but not limited to History, History of Art, Modern Languages, English) into productive dialogue with one another. The conference will also feature a lunchtime workshop with specialists from the museum sector about working with museums for public engagement and teaching.
Proposals for 20-25 minute papers focussing on any of the Habsburg courts or the papal court are welcomed, in particular papers that deal with:
• Considerations of the ways by which diplomats learned the rules of diplomacy       and of particular courts through practice or the ways in which diplomatic practice   was forged through trial and error
• The role of diplomatic ritual and ceremonial in cultural exchange
• The sociability of diplomats at court and its consequences
• The cultural agency of individual diplomats and members of their households
• The role of diplomatic processes and personnel in the transnational circulation of   material goods and ideas and/or the forging of cultural norms at the host court
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