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New Trends in Renaissance Studies: Diplomacy and Culture in the Early Modern World

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Poster:Post date:2015-01-08
Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies
New Trends in Renaissance Studies
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Diplomacy and Culture in the Early Modern World
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出版年 Year 31 July - 2 August 2014
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A.   簡介 Introduction (within 500 words, Chinese or English)
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The conference builds upon the recent ‘cultural turn’ in diplomatic studies that has seen more innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to a subject that was once viewed in heavily bureaucratic and constitutional terms. Scholars are increasingly appreciating the importance of ritual and other forms of symbolic communication in diplomatic practices and the role of diplomatic processes in cultural exchanges. Diplomats were important political brokers whose actions could have profound implications for international relations, but they played an equally important role in the transfer and adaptation of cultural ideas and artefacts through their activities as cultural agents, authors and brokers. The profound impact of diplomacy on culture in this period is, moreover, seen in the increasing prominence of representations of diplomacy in literature and a range of other media. The aim of this conference is to further our understanding of early modern diplomatic practices, of the dynamics of diplomatic exchanges both within and without Europe, and how diplomatic ideas and practices interacted with other cultural and political processes.
We will consider papers on any aspect of early modern diplomacy, but we will particularly welcome proposals for papers and panels on the following topics:
§ The impact of literary developments on, and use of literary texts in, diplomatic practice
§ The role of diplomatic processes and channels in the circulation of texts and literary ideas
§ Diplomacy and translation
§ Representations of diplomacy in literary texts and art
§ The wider cultural reception of diplomacy and evolving diplomatic practices
§ The material culture of early modern diplomacy
§ Ritual and protocol in diplomatic encounters
§ Diplomatic personnel, training, and careers
§ Diplomacy and cross-cultural exchange
§ Cultures of diplomatic practice and exchange
§ Gender and diplomacy
§ Early modern legal and philosophical attitudes to, and influences on, diplomacy

B.   延伸閱讀 Extended Reading
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