2018 Leeds IMC TACMRS Session CFP_Deadline Extended at September 5th (Tue.)

本會每年都會派出代表團參加IMC(International Medieval Congress)於英國里茲(Leeds, U.K.)舉辦的年會。2017 Leeds IMC年會將於7月3號到6號舉辦,而 2018 Leeds IMC年會預計在明年7月2號到5號舉辦。2018 Leeds IMC TACMRS 場次議題為 "Construction and Reconstruction of the Middle Ages: Memory of Delights",組團人為彰化師範大學英語系彭輝榮教授。相關CFP內容請見附件檔。
有興趣之會員,煩請於9月5號(二)晚上12點前300字摘要以及CV寄回秘書處(tacmrs.official@gmail.com)以及彭輝榮教授(hzperng@cc.ncue.edu.tw) 。秘書處在收到投稿後,會回信確認。如有任何疑問,也歡迎隨時來信詢問。
以下一點特別告知。2018 Leeds IMC TACMRS代表團會員必須為2017以及2018本會正式會員。若您的稿件通過審查,請務必向本會確認會員資格。
敬祝    研安
台灣西洋古典、中世紀暨文藝復興學會    秘書處
Dear Members,
Every year, TACMRS will send the delegation to attend IMC (International Medieval Congress) at Leeds, U.K. The 2017 Leeds IMC will be held from 3rd to 6th of July, while the 2018 Leeds IMC will be held from 2nd to 5th of July, 2018. The 2018 Leeds IMC TACMRS session topic is "Construction and Reconstruction of the Middle Ages: Memory of Delights." organized by Prof. Hui-Zung Perng (Department of English, National Changhua University of Education). Please refer to the attachment for the CFP.
For those who are interested, please email a 300-word abstract and a CV to the Secretariat at tacmrs.official@gmail.com and Prof. Perng at hzperng@cc.ncue.edu.tw by September 5th (Tue). Electronic acknowledgments will be sent to you upon receipt. If you have any query, please contact the Secretariat.
The board members will vote to decide who will become the 2018 Leeds IMC TACMRS delegates. After that, the Secretariat will email individual abstract submitter the result and will post the official list of the delegation on the TACMRS website. 
Here is one reminder for the potential delegate. All delegates have to be the active TACMRS member for both 2017 and 2018. If your abstract is accepted, please make sure to renew your membership.
We thank you for your support and look forward to receiving your abstract. 
Warmest Regards,
Secretariat, TACMRS
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